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A limited company in the United Kingdom is a certified legal entity and it is considered separate from the individuals who are operating the company. If there is any claim against the partnership company setup of members in joint ventures, then the individuals’ personal properties are at stake, however in a limited company, its shareholders are accountable to lose only the value of the share assets to which they own.For company registration in UK, it is one of the most flexible and simplest jurisdictions with no major complicated requirements. Moreover, the business is not required to be physically present in UK for the incorporation. AbroadBiz will provide you the end-to-end support in incorporating your company in UK within a day’s time

Company Registration in UK| Overview

Company Type

Limited Company




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Company Name

The name for the company which needs to be incorporated in UK should be absolutely unique. If the name is available and registered then your preferred company name is protected from being used by anyone else. The company name can be in the desired language, however, there are limitations on the usage of certain words like ‘Government’ and ‘Royal’. We can execute a company name check to make sure your preferred name is existing and in compliance with Companies House.

Registered Address/Agent

As per the standard process of company registration in UK, the company to be incorporated should have local address. If required, Abroadbiz will provide the required support of local address.


Company registration in UK  needs at least one shareholder.


The procedure of company registration in UK can be finished within one day, once all information and evidence of identity has been received.


As such it is not mandatory to have a Company Secretary for company registration in UK, however, AbroadBiz can provide you the required support of company secretary as per your business requirements.

Accounting Requirement

The annual return of the company incorporated in the UK has to be filed on annual basis with organizing and filing financial accounts. AbroadBiz offers the service of corporate administration service to enable our client to timely file the annual financial accounts.


For successful company registration in UK at least one director is mandatorily needed and the director should be an individual. However, if there are more than one director in a company then the director can be individual and/or an entity.

Share Capital

The least share capital required to incorporate the company in the UK is £1. Even though companies are usually incorporated with 100 issued usual shares, with a value of 1 GBP per share, there is no minimum share capital limit defined for the share capital.

Identity Proof

The identity proof of all the directors and shareholders of the company is required and the accepted proof is copy of a valid passport.


For company registration in UK client’s presence in the UK is not required.


The standard tax rate of tax – 19% is applied on the profits below £300k. If the profits increase above £300k then there is a separate bracket for it.


The UK Companies House is the governing authority and all the companies incorporated in the UK regulated as per the Companies Act of 2006.

Information Published relating to Company Officers

The names of company officers will appear on civic record, upon company registration in UK. In order to avoid the details of company officers name appearing on the public records nominee officers can be hired.

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