Company formation in UK (Private Limited Company)

Company Formation in UK |Key points of Incorporating in UK

  • It takes only 1 day time for company formation in UK
  • Single directors is sufficient for successful company formation in UK and there is no restriction on the nationality of the director either.
  • Single shareholders is sufficient for the successful company formation in UK
  • There is no defined minimum limit requirements for the share capital for company formation in UK.
  • AbroadBiz is available to assist you in every step of the company incorporation and leveraging our experience & expertise you can seamlessly complete the company formation process.
  • For company bank account opening process in UK, AbroadBiz is available to assist you.
  • In the management of your company no obligation necessitating UK participation
  • The advantage of choosing UK Limited Company for trading business is the limited liability of the company’s shareholders.

AbroadBiz can help you incorporate the Limited Liability Company within a day in the UK. Among all the countries in European Union, UK has the most flexible procedures to incorporate a company. It is not required for the clients to personally visit UK for the entire company formation in UK. Just by choosing our UK limited company package you will be able to get all the services for incorporation and registration including all the documents

To begin incorporation of your UK Limited Company we will require the following:

  • The name of the business is needed before company formation in UK
  • The complete name, birth date, address of residence as well as nationality of every director
  • Every shareholders complete name as well as residential address
  • Information of shareholders marital status with spouse’s name

Documents you are required to provide

  • ID proof (driving license with photo, national ID card, and valid passport)is needed before company formation in UK.
  • Residential address proof can be utility bills like electricity or gas, or bank statement of credit/debit card which should not be older than three months at the time of submission
  • CV

Company Formation in UK | Registered Office Requirement

  • For company formation in UK, local office address is mandatory. The local company address can be within the jurisdiction of England or Wales.
  • The companies which are incorporated in Scottish (SC) & Northern Irish (NI) region are dealt with a separate office situated in Belfast or Edinburgh, and without fail should have their office registered in that country.
  • A peculiarity of Company Law stops a company moving its place of registration from one to the other after company formation in UK. At the same time both locations are subject to the same Companies Act and the same rules and regulations in reverence of general matters.
  • In favor of moving from England to Wales or vice versa, there is no constraint.
  • The registered office, documented at Companies House, gives a point of contact for communication from basis like Companies House itself, the Inland Income and other parties willing to make bureaucrat contact with the organization.
  • It must be taken care that Companies House are liable to refuse any address that does not show on the authorized Post Office lists of addresses and a general post office box cannot be used.
  • At the same time, there are no grounds to prevent companies being registered at the home address of one of its administrators for company formation in UK; this is often not acceptable for companies that do not function out of business premises.
  • If necessary, a commercial mail forwarding service is also accessible and we can offer you with a registered office address.

Directors and Management Requirement

  • There is no limit to the number of directors permitted, but a private company must have at least a director for company formation in UK.
  • At all the times, the directors are liable for the management for daily process of the company and have accountability to be familiar of the company’s financial condition.
  • The Companies Act lays down stringent rules about the duties and demeanor of directors, and it is valuable inspecting such policy upon taking any such assignment. Substituting in a role of director is a serious affair, and one should not think doing so except you will be totally conscious of the company’s activities.
  • Administrators have a individual task to make sure that matters of Company Law are adhered to at all times and can be held personally responsible for non-filing of Companies House returns and other violation of law operated by a company.
  • One or all of the company’s administrators can be citizen of anyplace in the world and can be of any citizenship for company formation in UK.
  • The Public Limited Company incorporated in the UK: There should be a governing body with at least two administrators, but there are no citizenships or residence is essential. The director may be chairman. Companies House should be informed of any changes within 14 days. Each public company should have a company secretary, who too might be an administrator.

Company Secretary Requirement

  • We can work as your company secretary.
  • The secretary can be a administrator
  • The secretary can be a corporate entity
  • The secretary, very generally speaking, is typically accountable for managerial matters pertaining to the company. It is usually the responsibility of the secretary to uphold official company minute books, legal records and organize and lodge any essential returns required by Companies House, such as changes to administrators and filing of annual returns and accounts.
  • The secretary is accountable to the administrators, and is frequently called ahead to maintain the administrators recommended changes in company law affecting the administration of the company.
  • At the same time the secretary can be adhered individually responsible for non-filing of Companies House returns, in process it is usually the administrators upon whom this duty lies.
  • On residency as well as nationality, there aren’t any restrictions.
  • Secretaries of nominee are on a regular basis selected in order to perform this work in a smart manner.

Shareholders Requirement

  • The association can have any number of shareholders – or associates, owning any number of shares. Since the company cannot survive without a share capital, there has to be minimum 1 shareholder.
  • Individual shareholders are permitted in private limited organizations.
  • Just like with administrators and the secretary of company, this happens to a subject of public proof and there are particular protocols about the share transfer happening among shareholders.
  • The stamp duty is not billed on allocation of shares that are new, but stamp duty is to be paid in most circumstances when share is transferred from one shareholder to any other shareholder.
  • In common, the set of laws concerning shares are relatively complex, even though with the huge majority of companies, there is modest to consider other than the preliminary allocation of shares, which should not alter from year to year.
  • It is at times essential to uphold discreetly of the shareholders identity; we can offer a shareholder service for nominee to whom registration of shares can be done. In these conditions, a secret declaration of trust is signed by our nominees, ensuring the favorable owner manages control of the shares.

Share Capital Requirement

Private Limited (Ltd.):

There is no least share capital necessity for private limited companies (nor any necessity for capital to be paid up) for company formation in UK and noncash input do not required to be separately valued. The power of administrators to issue shares of a private company with barely one class of share is assumed to be limitless, except there is a constraint on such authority in the articles of organization.

Public Limited Company (PLC):

Companies must have nominal share assets of at least GBP fifty thousand (or the prescribed the same in Euro), twenty five percent of which have to be paid up on every share, jointly with the entire of any share premium. Assets may be supplied in non-cash forms (e.g. machines, copyrights or know-how), but noncash aids must be separately valued.

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