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5 Advantages of Offshore Companies in UAE

1. Advantage

To set up a company in RAK indeed there are three various methods which are suited to your different business needs. A company  can be incorporated as a free zone company, offshore companies in UAE or as an LLC, for which of these the directors can be of any nationality and can live anywhere.

2. Advantage

Offshore companies in UAE enjoy numerous exceptional rewards over other offshore companies. The tax is not levied on the profits earned from international trade inside the UAE for directors for Offshore companies in UAE. In the public records there is no necessity to make public the annual accounts and moreover, the shareholders are not listed. Whereas the registrar should be aware of the individuality of the eventual owner of the company. These will be only published in court if any crime is committed by the company.

3. Advantage

Offshore companies in UAE are extraordinary modes for global trade. The prerequisite for a local sponsor is nil and whereas the business can be done through local distributors inside the UAE, it also provides visas, offices and a bank account in Dubai.

4. Advantage

An LLC in RAK permits business inside the UAE and globally and involve entire benefits of LLCs as well as risk control and a flexible management formation. Members’ the liability of the members of the company are limited to the amount they have invested in the company and the business can keep going even though any member has resigned, dead or bankrupt.

5. Advantage

Nominee shareholders are approved. For the reason of extra secrecy, nominee shareholders are allowed and this service can be offered if necessary by us.

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