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Turkish Company Formation | Regulation on Turkish Business

Key points of Incorporating in Turkey

  • Timescale – The time taken for Turkish company formation is 10 days
  • Company’s Directors – the minimum requirement of the director is only one and he can be of any nationality
  • Company’s Shareholders – The limited liability companies in Turkey need to have only one shareholder as per the Turkish Commercial Code
  • Company’s share Capital – The minimum share capital requirement is only 1,850 Euro or 10,000 TL
  • Guidance – With our extended support we assist you in each and every step during incorporation of your Turkish Business in Turkey
  • Travel – It is mandatory for the director of the company to visit Turkey for a minimum period of five days to sign the company’s documents for Turkish company formation.
  • There are nearly twenty-one unrestricted trade zones in Turkey which offers an inviting business provision with the help of tax exemptions
  • The company’s directors or shareholders can be from any nationality and there is no restriction on that.

The following are required to commence incorporation of your Turkish Business

  • The name of your company
  • Each and every director’s full name, DOB date of birth, nationality, and address for communication
  • Every shareholder’s address and full name.
  • The main aim of the company, pointing out the primary action
  • The total capital amount and the number of shares authorized to each and every shareholder

Mandatory documents to be provided

  • Identity proof such as a copy of your passport, national identity card and driving license with photo affixed are needed for Turkish company formation.
  • Residential address proof like as gas bill/ electricity bill, or any other proof like credit/debit card bank statement for a period of last three months.
  • In case of the directors or shareholders or even the corporations, they have to submit a Certificate of Good Standing for the company and it should be arranged by the appropriate specialist in the depositor’s country. The contents of the certificate should be about the present ongoing position of the concern and the signature of its directors’

Turkish Company Formation | Registered Office of the LLC Company

According to the Turkish law, it is mandatory to have a registered office in Turkey where the legal documents of the company are exchanged. This address of the office should have been registered on the date of registration of the company or even before the same. The certification for the authorized books of accounts are given by a Public Notary and also a number for the tax registration will be issued.

The company should submit the contract of rent which is certified by the Public Notary to the associated tax office and also the Circular of Signatory.

In our Standard Turkish Company Formation, you will be entitled with a suitable office space

Requirement of Share Capital

A Turkish company formation can be made purely only with the foreign capital. The least capital amount of the company should be 10,000TL which is equal to 1,850. By default, each value of the share amount should be 25TL and it should be in multiplies of 25 shares.

The payment for Turkish company formation can be done in parts like ÂĽ of the amount should be paid fully during incorporation and the remaining should be paid up within 2 upcoming years.

Recording of Incorporation notice for your Turkish business at the Trade Registry Office

The following will be submitted to the Trade Registry Office by the Formacompany like incorporation notice form, chamber registration statement inclusive of a letter of commitment. For each and every non-resident shareholder of a Turkey company, their copy of a passport has to be notarized by a Turkish notary officer.

  • Turkish Company Formation notification form of three copies
  • Articles of Association which is notarized by the Notary- three copies
  • From the Competition Authority Account, they should submit the bank deposit receipt which is 0.04% of the company’s capital
  • The authorized company members should sign an undertaking (taahhĂĽtname)
  • Two copies of the signature of the each and every person who is acknowledged to substitute the owners of the Limited Liability Company

The notification for the Tax Office and District Employment Office with regards to the formation of a new company will be done by the Commercial Registry Office. Within the time span of ten days from the date of Turkish company formation a declaration is to be done in the Commercial Registration Gazette which is arranged by the Registry.

The main work of the accountant will be applying for the tax identification plaque from the local tax office and also from the Social Security Administration office they should receive an appropriate security number.

Turkish Company Formation | Managing Directors of a Turkish Business

Regardless of your citizenship and nationality, you can make Turkish company formation. It is not mandatory for the Turkish company to have the directors or managers of the same nationality, they can be foreigners also. The law for the local Turkish companies and foreign investment-based companies are equal, there are no discriminations for Turkish company formation.

Shareholder of limited company

A minimum of one shareholder is enough for Turkish company formation and he can be of any nationality.

Legal books that should be certified by the Notary are

The following commercial books has to be certified:

  • Journal book
  • Ledger book
  • Book for Inventory
  • Record for General meeting
  • Book of the share of the company

The authorized books of the company should be certified by the owners on the day of Turkish company formation. The commercial book certification will be reported by the notary public to the Tax Office about the certification.

Meeting obligations

It is not mandatory to have an AGM for the Turkish company. The main aim of these meetings will be to review the administration of the board of the directors if they are not the same and to support them to take major decisions of the company. To have a review on the matters of the company’s accounts and associated matters almost all the companies have this Annual General Meetings AGM’s. When there is an emergency the directors can call for an EGM that is Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM’s) at any time of the year. Eventually, at all times the entire control lies with the shareholders, except in few cases they are same as the directors, the main aim of the board of directors are the day to day executive decisions.

Financial prerequisite and Annual Audit

Each and every Turkish company, irrespective of its position i.e. trading or not, they are indebted to file an annual return every year with the particulars of the directors and the shareholders at the Companies Registration Office. It is mandatory for all the companies to have an auditor, and each year the accounts should be filed with the Companies Registration Office.in case of the Small companies they should provide abbreviated accounts, which does not need to take in the turnover level. After the incorporation of the company after 6 months the company becomes due for filing the first annual return with the Companies Registration Office. Financial records essentially be appropriated to the next and succeeding annual returns.

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