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The jurisdiction of Switzerland is one of the best in the world for foreign investors to incorporate their company because Switzerland company registration offers great tax benefit, better privacy, as well as unwavering economic and political ecosystem.

Sub-divided into twenty-six districts and the particular accounting, reporting, and tax necessities differ between every district in Switzerland. Abroadbiz has the expertise of incorporating limited liability company even in the Swiss districts like Zurich, Zug, and Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

Switzerland Company Registration | Overview

Company Type

Limited Liability Company (SARL/ GMBH) in Swiss


Swiss Frank


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Company Name

Usually, no limitations are there on the company name for Switzerland company registration but the company name should be only one of its kinds, without any sort of similarity to any other company name registered. The name of the company should refer to the business nature and activities of the company.

Registered Office

Every company that is registered in Switzerland should have an address registered in the district in which they have registration applied. Where legal documents as well letters are to be sent should be a registered physical address.


There are no constraints on the residency or citizenship of the shareholders, at least one shareholder is necessary for Switzerland company registration. Shareholder memorandum has to be kept but these will not be accessible for public check for the AG organization type


The process of incorporation is accomplished in fourteen business day that is once all the essential information has been received.

Accounting Requirements

In Switzerland, registered companies are needed to maintain records of accounting however yearly statement of finance need not be filed or any statutory auditors need not be appointed. Yet filing of yearly returns is a must.


In order to incorporate a company in Switzerland, the even single director is sufficient. There is no restrictions on citizenship, only one director is needed, and at least one director must be of Swiss citizenship; to bind the organization the resident director is required to have sole signatory power. A registered director should be filed however public inspection isn’t necessary. For tax reasons, each Swiss citizen will be required to unveil their interest in the organization.

Share Capital

The minimum capital of share is CHF 20,000 (roughly EUR 16,400) and at the same time as this should be totally paid up into a deposit account in Swiss during commencement, withdrawal is permitted once initiated. The least per share value is CHF 100 (roughly EUR 100). Switzerland company registration needs a Deposit Certificate from the bank in order to register a company.

Proof of Identity

We need identity proof in the mode of a copy of passport from every director as well as a shareholder of the company, as part of our due meticulousness.


It is optional to visit Switzerland in order to accomplish Switzerland company registration; the deeds of commencement should be duly signed in the presence of a legal representative in Switzerland, however, documents can be signed by us on your behalf but if provided with a Power of Attorney.


Corporate taxes are imposed at two levels federal level and district/public level in Switzerland; and on profit after tax the federal tax is charged at 8.5%. Based on individual districts, at cantonal level, profits are taxed at differing rates between six percent to twenty-one percent. As a result, generally the effective corporate tax is somewhere between twelve percent to twenty-four percent.

Governing Corporate Legislation

The district’s register performs as a monitoring body.


A greater level of confidentiality is offered in Switzerland company registration. The shareholder’s names are kept unidentified for an S.A.


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