Setting Up a Company In Switzerland 1

5 Advantages of Setting Up a Company In Switzerland

1. Advantage

To incorporate the Switzerland is a huge jurisdiction. This country offers a mixture of financial and political stability. Also, it is comparatively imposes low company and personal rates of tax.

2. Advantage

For setting up a company in Switzerland, you do not have to visit Switzerland in order to incorporate your Sàrl/ GmbH. We can protect a so-called director for registration of your company if you provide us with a power of attorney; on the other hand, you will have to in-person visit Switzerland with us at some point in the process of registration.

3. Advantage

There is a high level of confidentiality in the Limited Companies in the Swiss. Every initial detail will have to be given to the Commercial Register which will comprise information about the directors and shareholders; any succeeding share transfer will not be revealed in the record of the public. Sale or purchase of shares done via a notarial deed, by a Swiss notary, when not public, will be kept in the notary’s protocol record, however, as a general rule, the authority will be viewing at the records of notarial if there are some investigations into criminal activity.

4. Advantage

There is a minimal enduring administrative obligation for setting up a company in Switzerland. The yearly meeting can be organized anywhere across the globe and there is no necessity of auditing the yearly accounts and shareholders’ too.

5. Advantage

By setting up a company in Switzerland, you are allowed a hundred percent foreign ownership of a GmbH/Sàrl in Swiss.

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