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Company Registration in Slovakia | Slovakia Poloènos s Ruèením Odmedzeným (S.R.O) Company Formation

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Republic of Slovakia formed administrative setting where the importance is provided to small and intermediate sized organizations with the objective of enhancing and developing a strong competitive SME sector.The most commonly used form of company registration in Slovakia is as Slovakian Poloènos s Ruèením Odmedzeným. Such companies are equivalent to the LLC companies or the GmbH Company known in Austria and Germany or the UK where it is an authorized entity, separate from the individuals who operate it. For individual traders and for people in partnerships, the individuals’ own property are at risk if there is a claim against the company but shareholders in an S.R.O are responsible to lose only the worth of the share assets to which they subscribe.

The Slovak Republic has formed a regulatory environment where precedence is given to little and intermediate sized organizations with the principle of rising and developing a healthy economy.

Company Registration in Slovakia | Overview

Company Type

Limited Liability Company (S.R.O)


Euro €


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Company Name

The name of the company can be in any language but it should be translated into the Slovak language and the name of the company should end with S.R.O; and some words that recommend government or country patronage are prohibited. The total time it takes in process of getting approval is approximately 30 minutes and once approved, the company name can be reserved for free of cost for 10 days.

Registered Address/Agent

In Slovakia, every registered company should have a local office address where all the legal and official communication can be delivered. The company’s books of accounts, reporting documents, and registers should be available in the registered office. AbroadBiz offers end-to-end services including the registered office address for company registration in Slovakia


There are no limitations on residency and nationality, and just one shareholder is needed and corporate shareholders are permitted. We can provide the service, if the heir owners need high confidentiality, and the nominee shareholders are allowed. Moreover, the director can be a shareholder. OECD or Non-EU citizens should be investigated by the registry prior to the company registration in Slovakia.


The process of company registration in Slovakia is accomplished in 2-4 weeks, once non-EU national director/shareholders have been investigated and all of the incorporation information has been received.

Accounting Requirements

It is necessary for the company to be registered in Slovakia, in order to keep accounts written in the Slovak language and mentioned in Euros. Within 7 months following the end of the applicable accounting period, the yearly financial statements should be filed with the tax authorities and the registry. Certain companies only need auditing and listed companies and those companies that surpass certain turnover, asset, and worker limits. For small private companies usually it is not compulsory to audit their accounts.


There are no limitations on residency or nationality, however, just one director is needed to commence. Prior to being permitted to occupy the position of director, a Non-EU or OECD citizens must be investigated by related government bodies and the registry in Slovakia.

Share Capital

EUR 5,000 is the least registered capital for company registration in Slovakia. EUR 750 is the least minimum a shareholder can contribute. Minimum 30% of every shareholder’s contribution and 50% of the least registered capital must be paid, prior to company registration in Slovakia. Every share can have special rights like distribution as well as voting rights. Once a minimum amount of EUR 5000 is deposited in a bank account by the shareholder(s), then only a company registration in Slovakia can be initiated. The Slovak company’s share capital is not necessary to be paid to a bank account, since January 2016.

Identity Proof

We need proof of identity in the mode of a passport copy for each and every director as well as shareholder of the company, as part of our due meticulousness.


For company registration in Slovakia , visiting Slovakia is not required.
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