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Second Citizenship

AbroadBiz is one of the most renowned and leading citizenship service providers for a second passport and citizenship programs. We offer a wide range of services for second citizenship through lowest investments that will be sufficient for you and your family members to obtain the citizenship.  Being in this industry, we have learned the techniques and tricks using which we can assist and guide you with the logical and legal solutions to obtain the second citizenship or the residency programs status in reputable countries of Europe and Caribbean. Our services include:

  • Evaluate your file for mapping with the qualifying criteria, reviewing the specific circumstances and conducting preliminary checks with responsible authorities
  • Offering consultancy on the application requirements and procedures.
  • Assist with opening a bank account at the local banks.
  • Filling the application with all the mentioned documents to create the immigration file stack.
  • Submitting the application to the respective immigration authority.
  • Constant follow-up and monitoring of the file status.



The expertise that we have at AbroadBiz is to remove the complications and complex part from the citizenship applications. With the help of our multilingual staff, our problem-solving approach becomes much to advance that results in the better documentation, maintenance of confidentiality and better client support for each customer.



With more than a decade of experience in offering a wide range of services to national and international clients, our expertise in offering high quality service with faster turnaround time has improved a lot. At AbroadBiz, you will observe faster resolutions to your queries, streamlined process of gathering the documents, faster application process, instant guidance and assistance and immediate results. This is the simple mantra of our success in the cut-throat competitive market.



We provide a 100% guaranteed service where if we are unable to provide the assistance or right guidance or your citizenship is not approved then we shall return the entire investment made to the government. We will also ensure that the investment for the real-estate is either deposited with subject to approval or held in escrow.


New Life – New Future

The experience of availing the second citizenship is altogether different. We have experienced and witnessed this great feeling many times from our clients. It is a completely new life, new country, new opportunities and new future.


Support Services

The successful issue of the citizenship can be further extended with any additional support that you need from us. If you need further assistance with managing your property or incorporation of a company, you can always trust us with it.


Peace of Mind

The best thing about the citizenship is that it is not limited to certain years or passport expiry date. As part of the country’s citizens, you will have complete authority and peace of mind using the second citizenship passport.

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