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AbroadBiz has strong experience and expertise in assisting clients with different types of visas including the investor visas, the entrepreneur visas, and corporate visa including employee visas. We also assist with the variety of EU visas like:


Schengen Visa (Tourist visa)

The Schengen is a consortium of 26 member states which comprises of the countries in Europe, and with the help of Schengen visa, holders can travel freely across the countries without any limitations. In order to obtain the Schengen visa, travelers can apply for it from the embassy/consulate in their country. This visa is highly useful when you want to travel to more than one country especially in the Schengen zone for a longer period. Most of the business travelers obtain this visa to enjoy no-border-control travel across different countries.  There are 2 major types of Schengen visas:  Uniform Visa (USV) and limited territorial validity visa (LTV)

The most common type of Schengen visa used is the USV allows the individual to stay and transit within the Schengen zone for the maximum period of 90 days.


Golden Investor Visas

There are many countries in the EU like Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Latvia, Ireland, UK and Cyprus that offers a golden visa scheme for the ‘Richie Rich’ foreigners who would be interested in migrating to Europe. The condition for obtaining a Golden Investor visa is different for each country. The common condition among almost all the countries is that the investor must have at least €250,000 either in real estate, companies or government bonds for obtaining the visa. The golden investor visa is offered for a period of 5 years, which can be further prolonged.


Employment Visas

If you are a non-EU citizen and wish to work or reside in any of the EU countries then in such case it is important that you apply for the work and residence permit.  AbroadBiz offers highly effective and professional visa services which best suits our client’s requirements. We understand your requirements and based on that guide you through the entire process of preparing the applications for the permits. We shall guide you to choose the right category like “self-employed worker” or hiring foreigners as “employed workers” in your own company.


Steps to start a company and obtain a visa for the EU

AbroadBiz is also the renowned service provider of offshore company incorporation consulting, corporate bank account opening, obtaining a residence permit on the company’s behalf and/or for the foreign employees.

Whether you choose us for a small project or long, we assure you to provide the best-in-class services that you will always trust AbroadBiz. By choosing our services, we will assist you with all sorts of documentation, right from planning to the preparation and step-by-step guidance on business activities in the EU and setting up a convincing outline for the reasons to migrate to the EU.

There are several steps to be followed in such EU engagements but our clients need not travel for the same. AbroadBiz will keep you informed about the process, procedures, and updates on each step. We ensure that our clients are at full ease and all the necessary procedures are followed by our expert team. Following are the basic steps which need to be followed:

  1. The AbroadBiz agreement is signed and applicable fees payment process is initiated by the client and provides all the required information as well as documents for the entire process.
  2. Based on the mutual agreement between the Clients and AbroadBiz team, the common corporate structure of the company and entrepreneurship visa is applied.
  3. AbroadBiz further processes the file by registering the company name and offering the client an exclusive business and project plan. This helps the client to understand about of weekly progress of the till the project completion and the document are also prepared in order to keep both the parties transparent about the project.
  4. AbroadBiz offers an address to the client’s company at the selected countries in EU region, and if needed the nominee services of the resident director, who shall be appointed until the client’s visa are approved. We can also assist clients with a virtual visa based on their business requirements.
  5. The company is then registered with the authorized company registration office and tax registration office. Based on the customer’s business requirements, we can also assist them with the EU VAT registration.
  6. The process of opening a corporate bank account is started by AbroadBiz after taking the prior approval from the client;
  7. On successful bank account approval, customers need to deposit the minimum capital amount in the account so that the visa process can be expedited. However, the minimum capital amount can be different for each country.
  8. AbroadBiz offers extended services to clients by creating a complete and high-quality entrepreneurship application to submit at the relevant immigration authority in the interest of the customer. Based on the client’s requirements, we can also assist with dependents applications of the clients including wife/husband and kids.
  9. When the visa application is reviewed by the government, AbroadBiz will provide complete assistance and support for relocating the customers to the EU.
  10. Once the entrepreneur visa is sanctioned to the client, they can relocate to the EU and if needed AbroadBiz shall change the corporate structure of the company to remove the nominee offering temporary services as resident director for the client. AbroadBiz also provides assistance to our clients in applying work permits visas for the non-EU employees of the company.
  11. The complete kit of the bank account is couriered to the client including the unopened correspondences received from the bank. A service feedback is also generated by our company to avoid any kind of flaw in service as well as improve it to the next level.

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