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AbroadBiz, the leading and renowned offshore company registration consultancy service provider offers a wide range of advisory services and practical solutions for to the offshore company formation, trademark registrations & licensing, and on-going support for gaming, Forex Brokerage, Binary Options, Pharmaceutical, and Gambling etc. We also provide consulting services for Investment Firm Licensing as well as financial institutions licensing in EU & offshore jurisdictions.

We support and facilitate our offshore clients in every step of the journey, right from the selection of jurisdiction to trademark registration and institution licensing to taxes and bank accounts. Our services also include:

  • Advising and guiding clients on the selection of jurisdiction for their prospective financial institution.
  • Maintaining thoroughness in procedures of the beneficial owners and prospective directors.
  • Offering domiciliary services and assisting with legal entity incorporation procedures.
  • Assisting with offshore company bank account opening in order to place the statutory capital as per the norms.
  • Ensuring the minimum number of corporate officers and qualified personnel are available to map the mandatory condition of the minimum number of staff requirements.
  • Assisting with the entire licensing process from application to arranging supporting documents including a plan of the business, policies pertaining to the company and the procedures. The list of documents will include the operations guide, necessary arrangements for the compliance, evaluation, and management of risk as well as the money laundering policies.
  • Complete filing and submission of applications to the authorities that issue licenses, liaising with regulators and several other parties until the license application is completed.

After the successful completion of the licensing process and when is the license is obtained, there are certain requirements for which the licensee will be needed. AbroadBiz offers end-to-end licensing support including pre-and post-licensing to make sure that the license holders meets statutory regulatory requirements. Our licensing services include:

  • Administration and support for all legal matters
  • Taxation, company accounts and bookkeeping including financial audit
  • Complying with the regulatory authorities and generating timely reports
  • Conducting internal audits
  • Generating reports related to capital adequacy (request based)
  • EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation) (request based)

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