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Global Company Incorporation

Turkey offers a welcoming environment for foreign investors to start their business in the country. It is a natural gateway for expanding your business in various regions including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. AbroadBiz is a leading offshore company registration consultant that enables foreign investors to seamlessly launch their business project in Turkey. With more than a decade of experience in incorporating and assisting offshore companies across more than 20 jurisdictions of the world, AbroadBiz is the trusted choice for all the national and international clients.

Our Business Services

AbroadBiz has a team of experts for all kinds of offshore business registration, limited liability company incorporation, corporate bank account processing, and offshore company accounting or tax services. We also offer:

  • Name verification and processing for approval services
  • Offshore business registration or company incorporation documents filing with the Registrar of Companies
  • Yearly government fees payment processing for the company;
  • Provisioning of registered agent service with the registered address for a year.
  • Provisioning of company secretary for a year;
  • Creating Company Rubber stamp;

We also assist with the standard set of corporate original documents like:

  • Incorporation Certificate of Company/Business;
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association (MAA);
  • Appointment of First Directors;
  • Consent Actions of the Board of Directors;
  • Share Certificates;
  • Register of Directors and Members;

Kindly ensure that:

  • Depending on the legal structure or jurisdictions selected for the company registration, the above services, as well as the set of documents, may vary.
  • As in some of the jurisdictions, the documents are generated only electronically.

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