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With more than a decade of experience, AbroadBiz has extensive knowledge, expertise and network with banks which offers corporate bank accounts. We have been part of the successful journey of several international clients who have opened offshore company bank account in 15 key banking jurisdictions which offer maximum confidentiality. Due to the reliability and trusted client base, AbroadBiz is recognized as a partner by the banks with the highest reputation and a long-standing track record of financial excellence. We maintain a high level of quality checking before submitting the documents or initiating the bank account opening process for any international company clients. This process is in benefit of customers which enables us to understand the documents to be arranged at the time of processing your file. This has enabled us to offer a combination of service, pricing, and quality, without any additional cost.

The process of opening an international company bank account:

  • Personal and corporate documents are thoroughly verified
  • Bank forms are duly filled with right information and sent to you for signing with relevant instructions.
  • Supervise the entire bank account application to account opening process until the bank account is allocated and full bank package is received.
  • Final approval of the bank is sent to you with the complete package

With this, we would like to keep you informed that we do not guarantee that your offshore company bank account will be approved by the bank we suggest. The bank has the complete right and authority to accept or reject the applications based on the case. However, we will guide you through the entire process and ensure that the bank account opening process is successfully completed.

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