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Accounting and Taxation Service

Based on our decade of experience, we have managed to arrange a wide range of service for our clients by which they can pick and choose their choice of services using the same platform. At AbroadBiz, we also have highly experienced and expert team of accounting professional who offer a variety of personalized services to clients based on their business requirements. We provide a wide range of accounting & auditing services businesses of all types and sizes. We cater to a varied market and business segments, including:

  • International commodity trading
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Consumer products and wholesale
  • Construction and real estate
  • E-Commerce
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Financial services and banking

Our accounting and taxation services include basic payroll calculation and bookkeeping to more in-depth services.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We provide bookkeeping and payroll services to all sizes of businesses. We have team of highly qualified and experienced bookkeepers who are responsible for checking, sorting and recording day-to-day financial transactions of your company to manage the payroll and tax process.

Preparation of Financial Statements

We also prepare periodic management accounts, which are required to be included in the periodic profit and loss accounts including cash flow statements, balance sheet, and annual financial statements based on International Financial Reporting Standards.


Tax Return

VAT / VIES Registration

We offer complete assistance with the fast VAT/VIES registration for all countries within the European Union.

Advice on Accounting Matters

We also provide guidance on complex accounting issues and simplify for clients using accounting principles.

Required Documents

If you are interested in choosing our accounting and taxation services for preparing accurate financial statements, presenting the financial position and financial performance of your company, then we would need some of the below-given documents:

  1. contacts;
  2. bills and invoices;
  3. records and documents related to:
  • assets and liabilities of the company;
  • details of the money – received or spent including receipt of the same;
  • details of the sale and purchases;
  • all financial transactions including the bank statements, expense receipts, etc.

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