Company Incorporation

Turkey offers a welcoming environment for foreign investors to start their business in the country. It is a natural gateway for expanding your business in various regions including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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Corporate Bank Account

With more than a decade of experience, AbroadBiz has extensive knowledge, expertise and network with banks which offers corporate bank accounts. We have been part of the successful journey of several international

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Company Dissolutions

The company dissolution process may vary depending on the country and jurisdictions because of which the time consumed or challenges level will also depend on. AbroadBiz team will assist you with the complete paperwork, …

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Administrative Support

AbroadBiz providing his client with the full range of the administrative part of their business such as nominee shareholder, nominee director, secretary service, provision of office premises …

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Accounting and Taxation

Based on our decade of experience, we have managed to arrange a wide range of service for our clients by which they can pick and choose their choice of services using the same platform

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Licensing Services

AbroadBiz, the leading and renowned offshore company registration consultancy service provider offers the wide range of advisory services and practical solutions for to the offshore company formation, trademark registrations & licensing, …

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Yacht Registration

Acquiring a yacht is one of the major assets for which there are several procedures to be followed like the registration of the yacht for ownership, choosing the right flag for it and ownership confidentiality which cannot be avoided.

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Trademark Registration

Any symbol, design, phrase or word can be registered as a trademark that helps your company or company’s product to be distinguished by another.  It helps in creating your own identity in the market for your company

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Residence Permit and Immigration

AbroadBiz has strong experience and expertise in assisting clients with different types of visas including the investor visas, the entrepreneur visas, the corporate relocation visa, and the employee visas. We also assist with the variety of EU visas like:

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Second Citizenship

AbroadBiz is one of the most renowned and leading citizenship service providers for a second passport and citizenship programs. We offer a wide range of services for second citizenship through lowest investments that will be sufficient…

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Online Service Solution

AbroadBiz believes in offering end-to-end services to all our clients. No matter whether you choose us for a small or large project, our services are open to all our clients. Being in this industry for more than decade years now, we understand…

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Global VOIP Telephony

Be in control of your business phone and never miss any call. AbroadBiz provide with international IP telephony system

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