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Open a Company in Netherlands | 5 Advantages of a Limited Company (B.V)

1. Advantage

To open a company in Netherlands there is bare minimal infrastructure. The standard requirements for the incorporation are a single director and a shareholder who can of be of any country or nationality. The single directory of the company should be an individual while the shareholder can be an individual or entity as per the business requirements. We can provide you both as per part of our services.

2. Advantage

To open a company in Netherlands ,there is no minimum limit for the share capital.

3. Advantage

Similar to a limited company, the risk factor in the limited liability company setup is comparatively lesser than the sole proprietorship or partnership setups. The BV Company is an entity separate from its owners who are running it. If there is any claim made against the company, the shareholders of the company lose the share value of the company invested during the share capital they subscribed.

4. Advantage

Even in the case of the bankruptcy, life loss of owner, or movement of the owner to another company or retirement, the Limited Liability Company continues with the existing members. The structure of formation in an LLC is less fragile compared to other setups. The recruitment, retirement, and termination of the directors in the LLC setup is pretty straight.

5. Advantage

In order to open a company in Netherlands , you need not personally travel to the country.

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