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A limited liability company registration in Netherlands is considered as a separate entity in itself distinct from the owners who run the company in UK and GmBH countries like Austria and Germany. It is also known as Besloten Vennootchap (BV) in the Netherlands. Companies which are owned by a single owner is considered as single proprietorship company and companies which are managed two or more partners are known as Partnership Company. In later setup, the individual’s assets are in risk as any claim made against the company would involve the owner and owner’s assets, whereas in the limited company registration in Netherlands the shareholders of the company lose only the share value invested by them during the subscription. As per the latest update in the legislation of company law in the year 2012 of October month, company registration in Netherlands region has been simplified. There were certain challenges because of the stringent requirements like the high capital share, difficult incorporation rules, etc. have been nullified. For companies who been longing to open a limited company set up in the region are benefitted with the latest amendments as it offers beneficial tax system, simple incorporation procedures, the better scope of expansion, etc., which makes Netherland a safe haven for foreign investments.

Company Registration in Netherlands | Overview

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Company Name

The name of the company which needs to be formed in Netherland can be in the desired language but the translation of the same should be provided in Latin alphabets to ensure that the name abides the regulations of the company law in the country. The name of the company that you select should not be similar with the companies that are existing in the market or the meaning is obscene or offensive. Based on the actual meaning of the translation, the company name will be accepted or rejected by the government. In any case, the company name should not be against the government and the country.

Registered Office/Agent

As per the standard norms in the company registration in Netherlands any limited liability company that needs to be registered region must have at least registered agent and a local address where all the legal and professional communication can be served. We provide the both these services as per our company incorporation package.


As per the standard norms of the BV company registration in Netherlands, there should be at least one shareholder of the company whose details will be added in the public records. If there are more than single shareholders or nominee shareholders, then the details of other shareholders will be kept private and confidential.


The total timeline for incorporating a new limited liability company takes around 10-14 working days after the address and ID proof details are received.

Accounting and Filing Requirements

Any BV company registered in the Dutch has to file its annual returns and abide the taxation regulations by the final date of 31st July each year. The company has submitted the financial statement and along with required documents for filing.


As per the standard norms of BV company registration in Netherlands, it requires at least one director to be available for the same. The director of the company can be of any nationality or resident of any country. The name of the individual who acts as the director of the company will be registered with the public registrar.

Share Capital

There is no minimum limit for forming a DV Dutch company as per the share capital norms.

Identity Proof

As per the standard norms of the company formation, photocopy of passports of all the directors and shareholders in the company should be submitted to us.


For company registration in Netherlands, you need not personally visit to incorporate.
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