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Regulation of Company Formation in Netherlands

Netherlands Key Points

  • It takes just 5 working days to company formation in Netherlands
  • The single director is sufficient for the incorporation of a BV company
  • A single shareholder is sufficient for the incorporation of the company
  • There is no capping on the share capital required for company formation in Netherlands
  • Even traveling to the Netherlands is not needed for company formation in Netherlands

Company Formation in Netherlands | Requirements for incorporating your limited company

  • Name of the company
  • Complete details that include your full name, Date of Birth (DoB), Nationality and detailed address.
  • The details of shareholders should include their complete name and address
  • We also need the purpose of the business and what activities will be performed

Required documents to provide:

  • Certified copy of any ID proof like the passport, national ID or driving license.
  • The address proof should not one month older than the submission date. Any of the address proof like bank statements, utility bills, or credit card statements are valid.
  • The background check for the criminality certificate should be provided for the first level of officers
  • If there are corporate stakeholders then all the documents should be certified and notarized by an official and authorized notary

Company Formation in Netherlands | Requirement for a registered Office

  • As per the standard norms of company formation in Netherlands, a local registered office address is needed where all the company documents and legal communications will be served.
  • The details of the address registered on the name of the company should also have the details of the shareholder with details of a number of share owned and amount paid capital for each share.
  • As per the standard company formation in Netherlands package offered by AbroadBiz all the above requirements are covered in the same. For any additional information or requirements, you can let us know.

Share Capital Requirement

  • As per the standard company formation in Netherlands norms, there is no fix minimum limit for the share capital.
  • As per the BV Company’s Article of Association (AA), the shares can be transferred to the existing shareholders, their close relatives and the spouses only.
  • The shares of a BV company be transferred in the form of deed that is notarized as per the Dutch civil law.
  • In case the entire shares of the BV Company are owned by a single individual or an entity company then it has to be notified within one week to the Trade Registry. The details like full name and complete address of the individual or the entity have to be provided to the Trade Registry.

Process through the Ministry of Justice

A deed of company incorporation is issued by the notary which includes the details like number of shares issued, amount of paid-up capital of the company, name of the individuals who are beneficiary of company formation in Netherlands, details of company directors, and details of company shareholders. Based on all these information, the Ministry of Justice offers a No-Objection certificate which takes approximately 2-3 days.

Company Registration No.

In order to avail the registration number of the company, the details of the company are submitted in the commercial register with the local Chamber of Commerce. There is a standard fees for the membership of the local chamber of commerce. The membership fees depends on the following:

  • For small companies with a staff strength of less than 50 employees – €125
  • For medium and large companies with staff strength of 50-300 employees – €300

Company Tax Registration

It takes around 4-6 weeks for company formation in Netherlands with the local tax office and submit the tax details.

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