Open a Company In Montenegro | Advantages to Incorporate Company in Montenegro

Montenegro offers an amazing platform full of benefits and advantages to foreign business investment that foreign companies can leverage to open a company in Montenegro. The flexible tax systems, procedures and processes enable foreign businesses to have a tax beneficial zone to enhance their business. The tax system in Montenegro follows the standard rate of tax in Europe which is 9% tax for the income by corporate, 7%-21% for value-added tax and personal income tax of 9% and 15%. Montenegro has a stable government, political system, monetarily stable and economic stability which make appealing the idea of open a company in Montenegro. It also has a simple company formation procedure and enables foreign trades. Companies incorporated in Montenegro can follow and maintain standard accounting process as per the practice of International Accounting Standards (IAS). The favorable climate conditions and geographical location offers of the best in class investment zone  to open a company in Montenegro .

  1. Montenegro Citizen has the flexibility to travel across all the European/Schengen countries without the need of visa approval. Same flexibility will be soon available to the non-citizen foreign residents in Montenegro with temporary residency card.
  2. Montenegro is going to be included in the European Union.
  3. Unlike other EU countries, Montenegro does not Investor can bring any type of labor since Labor policy is not so rigid/tough like in other EU countries.
  4. Unlike Europe’s other countries where investors have to spend a lot of money to get the benefits and advantages of local residency, in Montenegro individuals same benefits with minimal investments.
  5. Once Montenegro is included in the European Union, foreign business investors will also get the benefits of EU /Schengen countries who thinks to open a company in Montenegro.
  6. Good geographical location of Montenegro is advantageous to investors to expand their reach to neighboring EU countries like Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, etc.
    Flexible and minimal tax system offers compared with all of EU/Russia.
    Government schools in Montenegro offer education free of cost so investors can plan their children’s education in the country.

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