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Company Registration in Montenegro with Work Permit and Administrative Support

Company Registration in Montenegro | Limited Liability Company Formation in Montenegro - Društvo s Ograničenom Odgovornošću (D.O.O)

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Abroadbiz can assist you with all the required business process on your behalf for company registration in Montenegro as well as licenses at Montenegro. We can jointly complete the company registration in Montenegro within 5 working days in Montenegro. The legal type of company formation used in Montenegro is Limited Liability Company which is also known as D.O.O.

The Limited Liability Company can be incorporated by a local, international, normal or legal individual. Moreover, the Montenegro company policy also offers the flexibility of company registration in Montenegro by one or more members. There are several benefits of incorporating a limited liability company in Montenegro like the company can be incorporated with a minimum deposit of €1, the owner of the company is free from other liabilities than the assets brought-in at the time of incorporation, the process of incorporation and managing business in Montenegro is pretty simplified, range of tasks can be handled, simple processes to manage the accounts/finance/bookkeeping, and transfer of ownership. By company registration in Montenegro, you or your business partners have the benefit of applying for the permanent residence or work permit of Montenegro.

Company Registration in Montenegro | Overview

Company Type

The Limited Liability Company setup in Montenegro is a form of company that is majorly formed by the small to medium size of the companies. It is also known as DOO. The purpose of LLC company registration in Montenegro is to limit the liability of the owners to the amount of asset they contribute to the company’s asset at the time of incorporation.


Euro (€)


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Company Name

All the Limited Liability Companies which are incorporated in Montenegro should mandatorily have the title of “LLC”, “Limited”, “Ltd.” or “LLC” or ”DOO” at the end of the registered company name.

Registered Office

It is mandatory to  have a local office or registered office in Montenegro


For successful company registration in Montenegro, it is mandatory that the company has at least single shareholder of any nationality or residency. The shareholder can either be an entity or individual, depending on the business requirements.


The time taken for company registration in Montenegro will be regularly 5 days, but in case the shareholders are of certain countries like China, Pakistan then it might take a little extra time.

Company Secretary and Agent

There is no requirement of a registered agent or company secretary for the company incorporation in Montenegro.

Filling Requirement

The company which is incorporated in Montenegro need not file any Annual financial statements. The annual audits has to be followed but need not be filed at the government departments. Montenegro accepts the international accounting procedure, process and practices for record and financial book keeping.


In order to successfully incorporate a company in Montenegro, one single individual can be the director of the company there is no restriction over the nationality or residency of the individual. However, the director will have to obtain the work permit of Montenegro to manage the business.

Share Capital

The minimum amount of share capital required for incorporating a company in Montenegro is EUR 1.

Identity Proof

As per the standard process of company incorporation procedures, it is mandatory that we have the address and identity proof of the client as well as the directors and shareholders of the company, preferably the valid passport copy of the client.


As per the standard process in Montenegro, it is mandatory for the director of the company to travel to Montenegro and fulfill the requirement of bank account opening, depositing the share capital of the company, apply for the work permit and residence permit.


The amount of tax applied on the local and foreign companies is at the rate of 9%

Governing Corporate Legislation


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