Company Formation in Montenegro and its Regulations

Company Formation in Montenegro | Montenegro key Points

  • Minimal Timeline – Just 5-10 working days to successful company formation in Montenegro.
  • Number of Directors – Just one director with any country nationality
  • Person Visit of Directors – a director must travel to Montenegro to finalize bank account opening and apply for work permit and residence permit
  • Shareholders – Just one shareholder of the company is required the shareholder can be of any nationality
  • Shareholders – The 100% shared holders of the company can be of foreign nationality
  • Share Capital – The minimal share capital for the DOO company incorporate is just  €1 for company formation in Montenegro
  • Support – Leveraging our more than a decade of expertise and experience, you can experience a seamless process of company incorporation by choosing AbroadBiz.

To begin incorporation of your LLC company in Montenegro we will require the following:

  • You need to provide three alternate company names with priority before company formation in Montenegro
  • You need to provide the complete name, birth date and nationality details of the company directors.
  • You need to also provide us the complete name and address of the company shareholders.
  • You need to provide us the details of company activities and type of business

Documents you are required to provide

  • Following documents are accepted in the form of ID proof – Valid passport copy, National ID card of the country, or valid driving license with a photograph on it.
  • Following documents are accepted in the form of address proof – Utility bills like the gas/electricity or credit/debit card bank statement that is not older than three months at the time of submission.

Company Formation in Montenegro | Managing Directors

As per the company incorporation policy, just one director is required for managing the LLC Company. The individual can be a director as well as the shareholder of the LLC Company. The single shareholder of the company can appoint the single director of the company. The director of the company can be individual or a legal entity residing in any country for company formation in Montenegro


Registered Office

Every DOO company must have local physical registered office where all the official and legal communications of the company can be delivered. If you need assistance with the physical address in Montenegro then be assured as it is included in our standard package of company formation.

Company's Registered Office

Every single Limited Company should have a registered office where reports might be legitimately provided on the organization and where organization records and registers should be kept. The enlisted office must be a physical address in Singapore and must be open and available to the general population for at least three hours for every week in the vicinity of 09:00 and 17:00 on weekdays.

Share Capital Requirements

The minimum amount of share capital required for the Share capital can be 1 Euro for company formation in Montenegro


Articles of Incorporation

Every LLC company whether it is owned by single or multi-owner, it has to file the application for the Article of Incorporation certificate with the Central Registry of Business Entities in Montenegro. The LLC company form must also be notarized by the “Decision on the Establishment of the Company” form. If there are more members in the company at the time of incorporation the incorporation agreement has to be filed along with the application form.
Once the required documents, applications and agreements are submitted, within five working days, the certificate (Certificate of Registration) will be issued by the registry. Office of Gazette will publish the notice of new company incorporation. After 10-15 days of notice publish, the company is recognized to be legal and can conduct business after getting the Certificate of Registration.

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