Regulation Of Company Formation in Malta

Key points of Incorporating in Malta

  • Time period–it takes only a week to assimilate your company
  • Directors -merely a single director of any nationality is obligatory
  • Secretary –it is mandatory to have a company secretary
  • Shareholders– it is necessary to have at least one shareholders who may be either individuals or corporate bodies
  • Investment – €1,200 of share capital is essential which at least 20% of that need to be deposited
  • Support – all through each step of the company arrangement we counsel using our valuable experience
  • We can endow with a Maltese resident director in order to obtain a bank account in Malta.

To begin incorporation of your Maltese IHC we will require the following

  • The name of your company
  • All directors full name, domicile and nationality, date of birth
  • Every single share owners full name and address

Mandatory documents to be provided

  • Identification proof (passport, national identity card, driving license with photo)
  • Residential address proof (credit/debit card bank statement dated within the last three months or electricity/gas bill)

Registered Office

It is mandatory to have a registered office space and a registered agent for all LLCs. In our Standard Company Formation, we have included the service of providing a suitable agent and office. The office which is registered has to be a real address for communication Malta as it will be the official place to hand out the documents of the organization.

Share Capital

  • €1,200 is the least share capital requirement for an LLC
  • As per your Articles of Association various classes of share may be distributed with different voting rights delegated to each class

Meeting Requirement

It is not necessary to plan company meetings in Malta.

Financial requirement and Annual Audit

Apart from the Register of directors and Register of Shareholders your Maltese company need not maintain any records in Malta. It is mandatory to audit the company accounts. The statements of finance have to be abided with the tax authorities in Malta and with the Company Registry.

Registration of LLC Company

The most frequent form of business in Malta is LLC (limited liability company). The official document (certificate) of registration would be provided by the Registrar of companies. At least one individual should subscribe the listed MOA (memorandum of association).

Private Company- LLC

The internal regulations of the company are prescribed by the document named Memorandum of Association accompanied by Articles of Association. In case of non-registration of articles of association, it is understood that the model articles of association established in the First Schedule to the Companies Act have been implemented. A company which is in the memorandum of articles is a private company is a company:

  • The right to transfer its shares are restricted
  • The number of shareholders are limited to fifty
  • Public invitation for the allocation of shares or bond of the company is prohibited

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