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Around the world, Ireland was designated as the finest place to do business by company registration in Ireland in 2014 by Forbes. In 2012 Ernst & Young’s Globalization index, Ireland was deemed as the utmost globalized foreign marketplace around the world.  Ireland also proposes many rewards likewise minimum corporate tax of 12.5% and it can be 0% for few organizations until 2018. In Ireland, the majority of the business structures are private limited companies. The important characteristics of such company are that the subscribed share capital sum is restricted to the liability of members. While interpreting company structures the term ‘offshore’ should not be used in Irish constitution. There are no definite structures of a company or other form designed for the foreign process.

Company Registration in Ireland | Overview

Company Type

PLC (Private Limited Company)


Euro €


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Company Name

To guard your business in Ireland your limited company should have a distinctive name during registration. There are quite a few sets of laws about the company name, letters and words are permitted; while deciding your company name please submit the same to us and if there are any issues with that we shall recognize them. The suffix “limited” or “Ltd” should be there in every company name.

Registered Address

It is a prerequisite that an Irish Limited Company should have place of communication registered in Ireland; and this will be the place where all official mails are sent for communication. We provide this as a component of our  package of company registration in Ireland.


The maximum number of shareholders for an Irish limited company can be 99 and at the same time, the minimum number should be at least one for company registration in Ireland. The names of the shareholders should be recorded in the public register.


The time taken for company registration in Ireland would be three to seven days.

Company Secretary

A company secretary should be appointed by an Irish limited company who will be in charge for organizational tasks.  As an element of our Corporate Admin facility, we will work as the secretary for your company.

Filing Requirements

The accounts, records of officers and annual return are the mandatory document which should be filed by a Limited Company. There is no routine for audit but in some exceptional cases it can be expected.


The requirement of an Irish Limited Company is that at least one individual should be in the position as the director. The names of the director must be filled on the public record. Among the directors, anyone should be the EU resident. If you don’t have a resident director, AbroadBiz will help you with resident director or other solution instead of using EU director.

Share Capital

€100 is the least essential share capital necessity. In general €1 per share is the nominal value issued for 100 shares.

Identity Proof

For each and every director and shareholder we need address proof and a copy of passport as their identity proof; it is a component of our due diligence.


There is no need to travel to Ireland for company registration in Ireland.


12.5% is the rate of tax for the companies and for few exceptional companies, it is complimentary until 2018.


Secrecy and confidentiality are offered at a high level in Ireland.
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