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Company Registration in Germany | Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (Gmbh)


The limited liability company is also known as “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung”in Germany. The LLC is a separate entity separate from the individuals who are running it. Unlike single proprietorship or partnership based companies, the risk factor in the LLC is low.  In the LLC Company, if there is any claim made on the organization then the shareholders of the company just lose the value of the shares subscribed by them. However, in the single or partnership based setup, the risk is over the assets of the owners who are running the company. It is a major difference and benefit of company registration in Germany.

For technology, engineering, manufacturing, automotive, etc. companies planning to expand their branch business overseas should explore the options in Germany. It offers highly flexible banking and financial environment for foreign investments with a stable economy.

Company Registration in Germany | Overview

Company Type

Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GMBH)


Euro €


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Company Name

The name of the company can be in the desired language but the suffix will remain in GmBH. You need to provide us the company names which we will be processing it by submitting it to the company registrar to check the availability and approval. The maximum timeline for the entire process of company name registration may take 10 business days.

Registered Address/Agent

The standard norms of the company registration in Germany demands for at least one director of the company who acts as the registered agent with a local address for successful company formation. The local address is needed to serve the official and legal communication can be delivered. As part of the package of company registration in Germany,  AbroadBiz will ensure the end-to-end requirements of registered agent and local address.


In order to initiate the procedure of company registration in Germany, the standard conditions in Germany as per the company law, demands for at least one shareholder who can be of any nationality or corporate entity. The minimum number is one shareholder at least and there is no upper limit to add shareholders. The details of the shareholders will be used to showcase on the public registry.


The time taken in company registration in Germany is 1-2 weeks depending on when the details of identity and proof of address is received.


The standard norms of the company registration in Germany demands at least one director of the company who acts as the registered agent

Accounting Requirements

The limited liability company (GmbH) needs to file a tax return on regular basis and maintain the register of officers. In certain cases, the auditing of the company accounts is expected.


As per the standard norms of the Germany company laws, even one director is sufficient for the incorporation process. The individual who will act as the director of the company can be of any nationality or country whose details will be used to publish on the public directory.

Share Capital

As per the standard norms of the company incorporation law in Germany, it is mandatory to have at least 25000 Euros for a limited liability company. The minimum share capital of the company defined has to be divided into 100 Euros at least. However, there EW provisions to form a company with lesser share capital for mini UG companies. The next process for managing the share capital is to create get notarized company incorporation documents for opening the bank account for depositing the share capital. The bank statement has to be generated which should have the details of expenses made for incorporating the company. All these details are provided in the court registration submission.

Identity Proof

We would need the ID proof of the directors and shareholders of the organization as per the standard norms of company registration in Germany.


The individual business owner should compulsorily visit Germany for opening a bank account and to deposit the paid-up share capital.



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