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Company Registration In Georgia | Georgian Limited Company

Company Registration In Georgia | Georgian Limited Company Incorporation


Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the legal form of company which can be formed with minimum single founder and up to 50 shareholders. It is the commonly used company registration in Georgia used by the national and international investors. AbroadBiz is a leading provider of company incorporation consulting services for foreign investors planning to start company in Georgia and various other countries. We have team of experts who can guide and assist you the step-by-step process to the end of your full company registration in Georgia.


Company Type

Limited Liability Company (LLC)/Limited Company (LTD)


The local currency used in Georgia is GEL (Georgian Lari)


Please contact us for fees of company registration in Georgia.

Company Name

If you are planning for company registration in Georgia then the very first thing to do is choose a unique name for the company which is suitable to your business that can be registered. Before choosing the name, ensure that you have the set of rules like which letters, words, names, etc. are allowed and disallowed. If you are unable to find a suitable name then we can help you find the same.

Registered Address/Agent

As per the standard process, it is mandatory for company registration in Georgia to have a local registered address where the legal and official communication can be delivered. We also provide such assistance with the local office address as part of Abroabiz company incorporation services.


The company can be incorporated with single shareholder. And there is no restriction on the national and local residential requirements for the shareholders also. The shareholder can be an individual or a legal entity. In case the shareholder is an individual then in that case AbroadBiz will need the ID proof (valid passport copy) for notarization. If the shareholder is a company then in that case the certificate of incorporation, good standing certificate and signatures of the directors of shareholder company will be needed.


It takes minimum three to five working days for company registration in Georgia post submission of required documents to Abroadbiz.


The company can be incorporated in Georgia with single director as well. And there is no kind of restriction on the nationality or local residency of the director.

Company Secretary

As such it is not mandatory for the company to recruit Company Secretary as part of the incorporation process.

Share Capital

As per the company incorporation laws in Georgia, there is no restriction on minimum share capital of the company. Shareholders can define the amount of initial company capital as per their interest. Additionally, there is no mandatory requirement for the share capital contribution for the registration of the company and it can be decided to be set out the time of contribution

Identity Proof

The ID and address proof of the shareholders and the directors of the company are needed for the incorporation process. The documents that are valid and accepted for the process is valid passport copy.


With the help of power of Attorney provided by the client to AbroadBiz we can process the entire company incorporation procedures without your personal visit to Georgia.


The rate of company in Georgia is 15%.

Filing Requirements

The filing requirements of the company includes annual financial statements of the company as well as management reports and statements of payments made to the state & audit opinions.

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