UAE Ras Al Khaimah Company Incorporation and Administrative Support

United Arab Emirates Ras Al Khaimah Company Incorporation

In UAE there are various kinds of companies which are listed below;

  1. International Corporate Centre (ICC),

  2. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC),

  3. FTZ (Free Trade Zone) and

  4. Main Land (Legal Presence) is various sorts of firms in UAE.

The maximum of 49% of shares can only be held by non-native of UAE mainland-listed company, however, their shareholding can be increased to 100% in the case if the companies are set up in Free Trade Zones with nil income tax. Based on your company’s target AbroadBiz will surely help you to set up suitable organisation. The Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Free Trading Zone is similar as a LLC in UK,  Austria and Germany, which is different and separate from individuals who operate it and it is an authorised entity. Insole trading business and in partnership the risk of losing their individual assets for loss is high but it is not the same in case of shareholders in a RAK who are only responsible to lose the subscribed share capital. There is various organisation incorporation in RAK like, for the trading within UAE and globally a ‘LLC set up’ will be effective, visas, sponsorship and tax-free are offered in ‘Free Trade Zone’, moreover ‘offshore setup’ will provide tax free international trade and provides extreme privacy for the corporation’s valuable owners.

The elite standard of living and swift economic growth of the United Arab Emirates makes it as an attractive place for setting up business and provides immense growth among the countries of the world. A Ras Al Khaimah RAK is the most prevailing system of incorporation in the UAE.


Company Type

The nature of the company would be International Company (RAK) (Ltd)




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Company Name

The name of the company should be formed from the name of any one of the shareholders or directors or from the major business performances. Any title which is signifying an association with the government of UAE or illustrating spiritual principles will be rejected.

Registered Office

It is mandatory for all companies which are registered in the UAE to have a substantial address in the UAE to which all the documents related to a company will be officially sent. As a package of our incorporation setup, we may be providing you with a registered office.


It is essential to have at least one shareholder and can be of any country’s citizen.


The maximum time taken for incorporating a company in UAE can be done in one or two working days; once all the essential documents are received.


Mandatorily there should be a minimum of one secretary and corporate secretaries are allowed.

Accounting (Filing) Requirements

For auditing the accounts and to file the annual financial account there is no compulsion.


In UAE for setting up a company there can be a least of one director and utmost there can be 50 directors are allowed. There are no limitations on nationality or residency moreover the registered directors are not accessible for public scrutiny.

Share Capital

The investment for the company made can be in any form of currency and there is no minimum share capital requisite.

Identity Proof

The shareholders and all directors are obliged to present a proof of identity in the nature of a copy of passport which is compulsory as a part of our incorporation.


In order to incorporate a company in UAE, it is not obligatory to visit UAE, as though majorly most of the shareholders should be the resident in UAE.


There is no necessity to pay taxes on profit or capital gains earned in Dubai by its offshore companies.

Governing Corporate Legislation of UAE

The foreign business is administrated by Federal Law No. 8 of 1984, as revised by Federal Law No. 13 of 1988 – the Commercial Companies Law – and its by-laws.

Yayınlanan Bilgiler

Şirket kuruluşu sırasında, şirket görevlilerinin isimleri kamu sicilinde gözükecektir. Müşteri isminin görünmesini engellemek için vekil görevliler kullanılabilir.


It is not essential to make public the annual and shareholders are not required to be listed in the public register.

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