5 Advantages of a Limited Company (Pte) in Singapore

1. Advantage

To incorporate a new company in Singapore it is one of the most excellent and safest authorities. Singapore is in the first position by World Bank report for doing business for two successive years. It is also declared as the second most competitive country after the US.

2. Advantage

The share capital requirement is very low. It is enough to have only SGD $1 as share capital

3. Advantage

Tax exemption is granted by for the initial profit of $100,000 for new companies. This advantage carries on for up to three years.

4. Advantage

It has a very low corporate tax. The corporate tax rate is set at 5.6% for up to $300,00 which is one of the lowest tax rates globally

5. Advantage

At least one director and shareholder are compulsory and the same person can act as both and even corporate companies are accepted. It is necessary to have a director who is a Singapore resident and this can be offered by us for you as a package of our Corporate Administration.

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