5 Advantages of Limited Company in Ireland


The most competitive tax rates in the globe are being benefited by Irish Limited Companies. If the taxable profits are not more than €320,000 for a limited company in Ireland for 3 years then they pay zero corporation tax.


Business credibility is more in a Limited Company. Instead of running a sole business it is more reliable to operate a limited company. In addition, the name of the company is being secured and incorporation protects the usage of name by a different limited company.


The shareholder’s risk is restricted to a Limited Company. In case of individual business i.e. sole traders the risk factor is very high for a chance of losing their assets against liabilities. But it is not same in the case of a limited company because it is only the shares they will be losing and not their personal assets. And a limited company is the different form of legal business organization.


The capacity of increasing finance is high in a Limited Company. The share capital of a limited company can be raised by selling off its shares and with the flexible borrowing powers and also can apply for a loan under Business Expansion Scheme. The shares can be acquired even by the employees where their rights are definitely protected.


A Limited Company’s management structure is strong. The business can be continued even after the member’s death, bankruptcy and resignation. Any director’s appointment, retirement or removal is straightforward.

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