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A Turkish Limited Sirket (LS) is a limited company which is similar to the German GmbH of the French Sàrl. The name of the company must be formed from the main business happenings of the corporation and it can be in any other slang as long as it can be translated in Turkish and it is adequate. The national, cultural or historical benefits do not differ for any foreign words in the trade name of a company formation in Turkey. As a part of the incorporation service for company formation in Turkey we have a company name check for the projected company name to confirm it is appropriate and can easily get consent within a few hours of time, once permitted the name can be held in reserve for free of charge for a period of ten days.

With no trouble, you can send your company details entirely in order to company formation in Turkey to us effortlessly by means of our uncomplicated online Company Details Form.

We will be forming the Articles of Association concerning to the company will be notarised by us and qualified by a Public Notary. Each and every document related to incorporation will be submitted by us to the Trade Registry Office (Türkiye Ticaret Sicili), together with:

  • Articles of Association of the company
  • Authenticating the payment of principal contribution through a receipt given buy the bank
  • Passport copies of the officers Notarised and signature declarations
  • The company’s officers can be acknowledged through notarised copies of board resolution
  • For the company office address rental contract can be used
  • Registering with the Tax Office

All the necessary documents relating to the concern will be listed through AbroadBiz with every essential ministry and department nevertheless the business can start to function its business upon endorsement and registration at the Trade Registry and Tax Office. An exceptional registration number will be allotted for every single recognized company.

The time taken for the full company formation in Turkey is ten days.

AbroadBiz experience is more than 10 years on company formation in Turkey and across the entire world. Our team will be accessible to suggest guidance and assistance over the complete company formation in Turkey process, beginning primarily from choosing an appropriate company title through to last till the taxable activities.

Company Formation In Turkey | Overview

Company Type

The company type is Limited Company (Ltd. Şti.)


Turkish Lira (TL)


Kindly get in touch with us for charges for company formation in turkey

Company Name

The company in Turkey should have an inimitable title so registering an establishment will defend your name of the business. There are quite a few guidelines for the names, letters, and words which are acceptable for a Turkish company name; please give in your projected title to us and if there persist any complications we shall recognize them. The name of the company must end with the suffix ¨Limited Şirketi¨ or ¨Ltd. Şti.¨.

Registered Address/Agent

The standard norms of the company formation in Turkey demands for at least one director of the company who acts as the registered agent with a local address for successful company formation. The local address is needed to serve the official and legal communication can be delivered. As part of the company incorporation package, AbroadBiz will ensure the end-to-end requirements of registered agent and local address.


There is no control on the residency or nationality of the shareholder and minimum of only one shareholder is required even corporate shareholders are acceptable. In case of an individual shareholder it is mandatory to have a notarized copy of their passport and in case of a corporate entity, we will entail incorporation certificate of the company, directors signature and Certificate of Good Standing for that company.


The time taken for company formation in turkey will take not more than 10 working days, still, the investors essentially to be present 5 business working days.


Company formation in Turkey does not require a company secretary

Accounting Requirements

Organizations are required to keep up accounts written in the Turkish dialect and point by point in Turkish Liras. For non-recorded organizations, there is no prerequisite to document yearly monetary articulations or have accounts examined. All organizations must record a yearly return and pay the yearly government permit expense to remain enlisted.


Company formation in Turkey requires a minimum of one director and there is no constraint on nationality or residency.

Share Capital

The least share capital prerequisite should be 10,000 Turkish Lira (TL) for which the value will be equal to 1,850 Euro. Each and every shareholder’s investment should be not less than 25TL which is almost 4.5 Euro. At the time of incorporation, a minimum of 25% of entire share capital should be paid up in cash and any further remaining capital must be settled within two forthcoming years. And, the aggregate number of offers will be 400 offers for Turkish restricted organization by least offer capital of 10,000 TL.

Identity Proof

Identity proof is obligatory for all the directors and shareholders like a copy of the passport and address proof of the company for the purpose of incorporation.


All the officers should compulsorily travel to Turkey to sign the documents for company formation in turkey


The tax rate is 22 % effect from January 1 2018


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