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Open a Company in Cayman Islands | 5 Advantages of an Exempted Company


For 30 Years No Tax: Open a Company in Cayman Islands to be exempted  from receiving taxes for 30 years as per the Government of Cayman Island

2. Advantage

Confidential Details of Shareholders: As per the process to open a company in Cayman Islands, the details of the shareholders are not showcased in the public records. However, to open a company in Cayman Islands, agents need to collect the information so that in case the details are requested by the national or international government then it can be furnished.


Annual Company Meet: If there is no details mentioned in the Article of Association certificate of the company then it is not mandatory for the exempted company to arrange the annual meet for their members.

4. Advantage

Annual Reporting Requirement: There is no mandatory requirements of annual reports of the company in Cayman Island. A simple report signed by the company secretary or the director of the company that the operations of the company has been mainly outside of the Cayman Islands and it has complied to the laws of Cayman islands will suffice for the procedure.

5. Advantage

Par Value: There is a provision in company law by which any exempted company can issue shares with minimal or par value.

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