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Company Registration in Cayman Islands 2Companies which are in exempted category in Cayman Islands, do need any kind of minimal capital for company registration in Cayman Islands. Companies under the exemption will not have to pay income tax, capital tax, withholding tax, perform company accounting audit, or follow the corporate annual accounting process. Incorporating an exempted company is a common format of establishing company in Cayman Islands by international investors and fund managers. The last date to make the payment of license fees, registered office, registered agent and company secretary is 31st of December, regardless of the time of company registration in Cayman Islands.

Company Registration in Cayman Islands | Overview

Company Type

Company under the Exempted Category


The Caymanian Dollar


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Company Name

For company registration in Cayman Islands there is no fix suffix that needs to be used, however, most of the companies use Ltd., Inc., or Corp.


For company registration in Cayman Islands,  it is necessary to have at least single shareholder of the company who can an individual or an entity. The information of the shareholders of the company are not shown in the public records. If the company acquires fund from more than 15 investors or shareholders then in that case the company will have to procure a specific license.


As soon as we receive the address, ID and other proofs for the incorporation of the company, the process of company registration in Cayman Islands will be completed in two weeks

Registered Office and Secretary

As per the mandatory policy of the company incorporation procedure in Cayman Islands, it is important that the company has a registered office in the country where the legal and official communications can be delivered. The details of the registered office will be submitted for the public records in the registrars’ office.
Any company that is incorporated in Cayman Islands needs to mandatorily have a registered office. As per the standard policy of company registration in Cayman Islands does not refer to mandatory appointment of Company secretary but as per the custom an individual or corporate body can act as the company secretary of the company.

Accounting Requirements

As per the company act of law and limited liability company law it is mandatory for the companies to follow the standard procedure of maintaining books of accounts, end-to-end details of company expenses, purchase receipts, sales and assets of the company with the liability. The details of the value showcased in the books and transactions should be true and genuine for the company’s state of affair. Although there are no mandatory requirements for the auditing of company accounts. The extent of company accounts details to be showcased to the public, shareholders or members of the firm are provided in the AA certificate of the company or in the LLC Agreement (whichever is applicable) or by the directors/ managers.


The director of an exempted company can be an individual or a corporate body, as per the business requirements. The company should have minimum 1 director for the successful company registration in Cayman Islands. There is no restriction on the nationality or local residency of the directors as well as the shareholders of the company in Cayman Islands. The details of the directors of the company or the directors’ register is not used for public inspection.

Share Capital

As per the current company laws it is suggested to incorporate the exempted firm with an initial company capital of USD 50000. This figure is of the maximum amount of capital allowed for paying minimal government fee. In order to calculate the exact amount, the amount of shares to issued, types of shares with the special benefits and par value of the shares has to be calculated.

Proof of Idendity

The identity proof (passport copy) of the shareholders and the directors of the company should be submitted for the process.


Your personal visit is not needed for opening a bank account or the company registration in Cayman Islands.


Companies incorporated in Cayman Islands are waved off from all types of direct taxes which is further beneficial for the exempted companies as it can get additional wave off of other local taxes for straight 30 years.

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