AbroadBiz vs Competitors

AbroadBiz VS. Competitors

The simple comparison listed below will give customers an idea about the strength, expertise, and experience that AbroadBiz has compared to our competitors in each country. With years of market study and repeated communications, we have finally listed the below page for complete transparency:

No.Why AbroadBiz?Our Competitors
1When you choose AbroadBiz, we each and every matter related to your case. Be it your business, nationality, double tax treaty, VAT rate related to the business, the reliability of corporate bank, offshore and onshore, dividend tax, and optimizing the tax for your business. However, if you speak to any of our competitors, you will be surprised to know that they are not even aware about the double tax treaty or agreement. The reason behind is that the person answering your phone is not an expert and the operator is asked to respond the client queries, which is ultimately your time waste.
2Comparatively, we offer high quality solutions and best in class services at the most competitive rates. We have very straight forward payment structure to be paid before the engagement begins. However, this gives no chance of hidden or surprising fees for the clients. If you speak to any of our competitors, you will realize that almost all the competitors do not share their pricing or complete fees structure. They highlight the lowest charges and then for each service a separate rate is added in the list like the cost of government fees, administrative fees, registered address fees, fee for bank account etc. Most of the customers who have mistakenly selected competitors’ service are suffering because of the hidden charges and unbearable costs!
3AbroadBiz believes in creating a complete personalized picture for each and every client based on their requirements. It includes detailed planning with the optimum corporate structure.The competitors have the common solution of using the strategy to all the customers. There is n personalized or tailored solution for the offshore companies.
4We offer weekly or monthly report which includes detailed email, updates, conference calls, discussions, solutions, challenges and much more by which client is aware about the end-to-end status. We respect the trust that client has built on us. Instead of the company following up with the status to you, choosing competitor will let you down as you will be frequently calling
them for updates. Due to lack of clarity on your case, there are chances that you lose the track and ultimately end up paying high amount for no reason.
5We have single point of contact for each business by which you just have to speak to the project manager for all your queries. This helps the clients to save their time by contacting one person. You will find several miscommunications, unending list of people to communicate for each service, and lack multi-lingual skills which further creates misunderstandings.
6Instead of being tensed about the process, we keep our clients relaxed and enable them to focus on their business by efficiently and effectively communicating in advance.You will be surprised or shocked each week as you will keep wondering for the things to happen but no update will be provided. As a client your inputs, suggestions or decisions are least concerned.
7There are several processes in which we have to ensure the procedure on-behalf of our clients. We supervise and communicate directly with all the parties including Government, lawyers and accountants, banks and nominee shareholders and directors. Independently negotiating the best terms and conditions and minimizing third party fees.The process with competitors becomes so cumbersome that you will see you are dealing with an accountant for one process, lawyer for another, dealing with the bank personally and so on.
8As a practical solution, AbroadBiz believes in offering better services with faster turnaround so that the client is also satisfied and our business responsibility is also delivered. Neither do we keep our clients hanging in any project nor do we wish to be stuck in the same project for longer period than agreed. Due to the lack of transparency in each step, the process at the competitor end always is delayed and laid back. Ultimately clients lose their time and money which is non-refundable.
9AbroadBiz has a record of serving 90% of international clients without making them travel and engaging directly with the concerns without our client. By selecting AbroadBiz, you have selected the one stop solution.Almost all our competitors will ask clients to travel back and forth for each and every step or service. This is not only irritating but also waste of time and money.
10AbroadBiz works with objective and has larger view for the multinational companys to invest in the country. We are well versed wth the procedure of setting up a subsidiary country and minimizing the tax. We have the completely knowledge of how to open an offshore company bank account and eliminating the need for the local entity. Getting into the competitors procedure will not only make you pay more money as per the standard tax amount, in fact the bank account will also be in jeopardy. Instead of losing the opportunity of expanding your reach, choose wisely.

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